Sunday, August 19, 2012

Brynlee's 1st birthday party!

On Saturday Aug 18th we did Brynlee's 1st birthday party at the park. It was a ton of fun she loved the presents and wanted to dance to each one that made noise and didnt quite get why I would take it away but was ok when there was another toy. She dug right into her cake which lucky for us was dairy free so I didnt have to worry about it making her to sick but loved every bit of it.

My Brynlee Girl...
Words cant express how grateful we are you are in our family and how quickly this last year has gone. You show us more things you learn everyday, have the funniest sense of humor and are such a blessing to us Happy birthday Bryners!
1) You are walking although you fall down a lot but get right back up and are so proud of yourself
2) You say mama and dada, all done, kaka and sign a lot so we know what you want'
3) You love to do whatever Alivia is doing but do defend yourself and enjoy time alone as well
4) You are definately a home body which is just fine with mom
5) You are so smart and it amazes me how quickly you catch on to something
6) You love you dad and run to him all smiles every time he walks in the door (which he loves)
7) You love to eat and will eat till its gone and this just cracks me up
8) You love baby dolls and know just how to cuddle them
9) You love music of any kind and quite a little dancer (even in church:) )
10) You are very loved by your family!

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